Victus Spiritus


The Ephemeral Kiss of Fame

04 May 2011

Fame is a seductive mistress, even a small taste brings us begging back for more. Merely being well known among a few social circles is emotionally satisfying, yet there is an archetype that craves attention above all else.

The attention cult adores fame for a number of reasons, with good odds on cashing in at the top of the list. It takes little imagination to perceive of the dilemma which substantial attention introduces.

The temptation to cash in on fame is palpable

Once well known a creative can pursue a conservative path of upgrades and spin offs on prior work, overcoming a number of challenges while doing so. Alternatively she can continue to embrace the same risks that brought her fame in the first place. One of these directions is a steeper ascent towards mastering a craft or style, the other at least temporarily, satisfies the hunger cry of an empty bank account1.

Rebuke adoration of the crowd, embrace expert criticism

Effortless to say, not so easy in practice. When last I visited this subject, the decision was clear and remains so. With neither fame nor mastery, I choose to cultivate pro chops. Schedule allowing, I consider any and all work that I'm confident will expand my expertise and repertoire. Credit is not a dominant criteria while developing skill, although a pat on the back never hurts. At present I've got an overloaded schedule, but look forward to having more time available in a couple of months.


  1. Gradients vs Benjamins: Are you climbing a hill or enjoying the view? If you do both at once you better have wings.