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Duostack vs Nodester Node.js Hosting, Day Zero

10 May 2011

This morning I'll take a peak at two competing node.js hosting providers. Both Duostack and Nodester were straightforward to install and configure, if only other configurations were so easy. My first impression was that Duostack gets the slight edge due to supporting coffee-script out of the box, but Nodester get's the service award and mentioned that coffee-script support is coming soon.
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  1. instant sign up
  2. npm install duostack
  3. add duostack to path
  4. duostack create appname
  5. git push duostack master

    and your app is deployed (supports node or rails)

Dependency Resolution on Duostack

Upon receiving a push of your app, the Duostack app compiler will look for a package.json file and install the listed dependencies into your app for deployment.

If the app compiler encounters an error installing dependencies, it will print a warning in the push output but still allow the app to boot.


  1. sign up for a coupon
  2. npm install nodester-cli -g
  3. nodester app create myapp
  4. nodester app init myapp
  5. have an existing app?

  6. nodester app create myapp
  7. nodester app info myapp
  8. git remote add nodester
  9. git push nodester master
  10. use npm modules?
    nodester npm install myapp express etc

    nodester app start myapp

    Nodester doesn't yet support coffee-script directly, but it can be hosted by translation to JavaScript.