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Glorious Saturday Outdoors

15 May 2011

I've been riding shotgun in the stressful weeks leading up to Michelle's master's thesis defense, and it was high time my wonderful wife got a day of relaxing. After a goofy night celebrating at Dave and Buster's1 with her friends and family, we spent yesterday wandering outdoors through gorgeous gardens.

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Ron's Birthday

The fun never ends, and today is my brother Ron's 42nd birthday where he learns the the answer to life the universe and everything.
Here's Ron at Kumo Sushi:

and Ron and myself battling for the bragging rights of the biggest belly post mother's day dinner:


  1. I gamed the big spinning wheel with triple red bull reaction time scoring us a few thousand tickets
  2. I just used on page javascript for the viewer as I didn't want to worry about installing and maintaining dependent gallery plugins.