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01 Jun 2011

There's nothing quite like the inspirational power of our favorite music. The past couple of weeks have been increasingly stressful for me due to a looming deadline for a complex project (so close).

Unfortunately I was distracted by work enough that it diminished the joy of celebrating my birthday and first anniversary with my wife in May. We had a great time on both weekends, I just didn't feel fully present. Michelle and I are planning a little getaway after the project is complete.

I've been relying heavily on Pandora's Drum and Bass station (I'm a subscriber, no ads), with a mix of Electronica, Dub Step and other tracks I've downloaded from iTunes along with Amazon's Cloud Drive and music store. At least for me these shades of music are perfect for drowning out distractions like background conversations and telephones ringing (even in my office ;)).

Here are a few of my recent favorites in no particular order:

Format: {Title}, {Artist}, {Album}

Through the Loop, Pendulum, Hold Your Color

The Island - Pt. II (Dusk), Pendulum, Immersion (didn't like the rest of the album)

Hold Your Color, Pendulum, Hold Your Color

Still Grey, Pendulum, Hold Your Color

Splash, Sub Focus, Sub Focus

Rock It, Sub Focus, Sub Focus

Vapourise, Sub Focus, Sub Focus

Beautiful Lies, Complex B, Sick Music

Snow, Seba, Sick Music

Different, Msra, Sick Music

Just One Second (Apex Remixed), London Elektricty, Sick Music

Synth Geek, Randomer, Sick Music (the source of this post title)