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Music Management Feature Gap for iOS and Apple

05 Jun 2011

Last week I loaded up on a hundred+ Drum and Bass and mixed Electronica tracks thanks to Pandora's discovery engine and the Music Genome project. But I'm having trouble configuring a set of playlists for my favorites which changes with time. Out of the mixed albums I purchased I may decide to regularly listen to only half or fewer of the tracks after a few listening cycles.

My options are:

Plan B

An option that I didn't call out above is one I'd need to hack out myself, when my schedule opens up in late summer/fall. What I'm dreaming up is a local CouchDB or connected database cached on every listening device:

On iOS or other mobile devices an app front end saddled to local, and remote (when available) databases would be ideal. On the desktop a rich web app or dedicated app would suffice. All UIs would be designed to support local playlist editing and continuous synchronization when the system is on wifi, or single click manually activated wireless sync.

Songs which don't strike an immediate chord may be filtered and that action replicated everywhere. In addition there'd be topics (tags) where friends suggest and share tracks, creating dynamic stations (gotta respect licensing).

Open Questions

  1. Has this already been done?
  2. If not is it too tough to patch together in a couple months part time?