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For Your Ears Only, Karaoke for One

12 Jun 2011

Booze and bad singers don't mix

We were out last night celebrating Michelle's sister Stephanie's 25th birthday at Viva Juan 2. For locals the Arroz con Pollo was good, but it's better at Don Quixotes. There were a couple of people that could hold a tune, and their songs were a blessing. But everyone else remorselessly squealed through the lyrics off key and at incredibly tortuous amplified volume.

I loathe crowded, and loud karaoke bars. Yet I enjoy listening to friends sing, and bordering on hypocritical I sing poorly, and often.

Admitted Singer

I catch myself singing at the strangest of moments. I sing to my wife before dinner. I sing to my dogs while I'm cleaning up after them. I sing to myself when I'm driving, or when I'm closing in on getting a tricky piece of code to work. Most of the time I sing in odd voices made up for the sake of summoning a smile, either a dear friends or my own. But I still don't get Karaoke. Crowds and my singing voice don't mix. Besides, I'm not sure a margarita filled audience would appreciate the finer points of my howling revival of Tina Turner's "Private Dancer".