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This is not an obligatory post about the new operator based social web destination

30 Jun 2011

If I were going to write about that recent positive social site, I'd mention that I tried it out this morning before work. I'd also add that the UI was pretty spiffy but the flow of updates was problematic. Popular high bandwidth users continual bounce up to the top, dominating conversations and eradicating diversity. The circuitous groups allow cozier clusters to listen and broadcast to, in the off chance you wish to escape the equivalent of virtual shouting.

If you were to ask for my day one review of the new operator social destination, I'd say It's like 2008 all over again circa Friendfeed. This time without aggregation, with easier groupings and default private instead of public posts.

That's a compliment. I enjoyed the heck out of Friendfeed and nothing has come close to it's smooth real time updates, comments, messaging, and aggregation. If I think about where Friendfeed is now for too long, my head will do this: