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Don't miss the beach while you're on the phone

28 Jul 2011

Summer Staycation is a welcome change

Today marks day three of a few weeks off from work. My wife and I couldn't synch our time off yet this summer, so we pushed off our plans for a proper vacation later in the year. I needed time away from systems and simulations engineering and a slow down at work opened up the ideal opportunity for extended time away from the office. I'm grateful for the chance to recharge my enthusiasm for both my day job and self assigned side projects. My purely interest driven work has been in limbo since earlier this year except for a few client side CoffeeScript hacks.

The air quality is exceptional after the muggy heat wave we had late last week. As I walk besides the ocean, the water has taken on a nearly tropical cyan hue. I can feel my internal clock unwinding as I enjoy an unstructured schedule and give my full attention to the moment. These are the days I dream of, care free and distant from immediate task driven concerns and distractions.

Speaking of distractions, another beach goer just reminded me:

"Don't miss the beach cause you're on the phone"

Now it's time I follow their advice.

[iframe 600 500]

beach waves by victusfate