Victus Spiritus


The pattern of humanity is renewed in the unreal

29 Jul 2011

Imagination's Journey

Each time we crack open a new book, hop online, or watch a noteworthy film, we cast our attention's sail wide to catch the winds of imagination. The experience begins grounded squarely in reality, yet after only a few moments of concentration the spell is cast, and we travel to distant worlds that exist only in the ethereal place between dreams.

There's a mysterious power in stories. They are more than words, moving pictures, and songs. They are more than legends. In their conjured realms we experience real emotions. The characters created in stories are brought to life not just by writers, special effects or even actors, but by our belief, even if it's only for a brief time.

We can learn from stories too. A tale that highlights a tragic flaw sits in our memory from childhood until old age. We can watch short tutorials and learn a discrete segment of a trade, a quantum of skill. But all the greatest stories teach us something more than simple techniques, they teach our hearts how to feel. Like a workout for our emotions, fine stories draw us in as passengers, navigators, and authors.

Revel in the potency of story for it is the most profound breakthrough we've ever had. And there are uncountably many more human inventions to come.