Victus Spiritus


What I learned in a couple weeks off line

08 Aug 2011

  1. The world keeps on spinning with our without us pushing. It's natural to step away from the wheel to refresh a struggling perspective. Especially when life feels upside down.

  2. Take a break and come on in, the water feels fine. Don't forget to bring a friend.

  3. Soak in some sun, but not too much. There's a quality of sunlight that both refreshes and centers.
  4. Look around for a paradise not far from home. My house is just a half hour away from the ocean, and in the summer it's a great place to cool off and relax.

    The sounds of the waves are calming, there are quiet stories in the breezes, and beacons along the shore.
  5. Let yourself unwind. Even those with the most voracious appetites know how to relax.
  6. Share your space with others. I'm continually astonished at how beautiful a place can become when filled with life.
  7. Literally alter your perspective by moving to a different vantage. Just a couple of weeks ago we paddled along the surface of the Peconic river by kayak. Yesterday we viewed the same passage from high up above, revealing the riverside environment.

What did I miss while (mostly) offline?