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Today I fed a few fish

11 Aug 2011

Quality time with my Pop

This morning my father picked me up on our planned fishing trip which embarked out of Port Jefferson harbor. The crisp early sea air was delightful as we made our voyage from one fishing spot to another aboard the Celtic Voyage IV. Overall it was a perfect day to be outdoors and out on the sound.

We were bottom fishing in hopes of catching porgies or sea bass, and my father was fortunate enough to reel one in. The closest I came to catching dinner were a few repeat nibbles which cleaned the clam bait from my rigging.

The calm sea provided an ideal background for a few hours of laid back conversations with my dad, who has always been and always will be the master of relaxation. I've always been pretty close with my pop, but as I grew up and out the time we spend together has contracted.

It was pretty awesome just hanging around with the guy who forged my philosophic foundation. You see my dad is much more than just a biological parent, he's the seed of the easy going and open outlook both my brother and I share. That world view is balanced by my mom's creative energy and spirit.

Few are as fortunate as those who recognize and appreciate life's blessings.

Today I am a lucky man. And I fed a few fish.