Victus Spiritus


You write every day until you don't

15 Aug 2011

Regular visitors to Victus Spiritus have likely realized that my posts here have all but stopped over the past month. I'm not finished writing by a long shot, but this blog has certainly shifted into a new phase.

There's only so much I can effectively contribute to a given topic in a brief interval, and I've worked with that constraint to cover many bite sized ideas over the past few years. Yet that's only an ancillary agent to the shift here. The primary cause is that I simply don't feel the same urgent need to share as much as I used to.

A switch in my mind has flipped, and I'm perfectly satisfied to quietly contemplate ideas without writing or posting them. Put another way, the pattern of blogging is intrinsic to how I think and my hunger for feedback has abated.

It's not that I don't find value in writing each morning, it's been immensely beneficial to my thinking. Daily blogging has been a critical learning tool and method of meeting open minds far sharper than my own, in a variety of fields. With that in mind I've decided to write about ideas and events that I feel compelled to share, but only then.

Victus Spiritus begins a metamorphosis, what's next?

I can't predict exactly how often I'll be writing, but I suspect there will be several posts a month. I would like to write more mini series which cover topics in further depth, but break down each topic into manageable segments for both me to write and visitors to read.

I'd also like to concentrate on topics which have a longer half life than popular web tech. In the few dozen web and graphic technologies I've reviewed here in the past, very few are relevant now, and fewer still (if any) will be relevant in a decade. The patterns and meta patterns of development are likely candidates for tech posts, along with general examples of implementations.