Victus Spiritus


Language Agnostic Web Framework and Packages

11 Apr 2012

I'm thinking about designing a web framework and packages without a host language. The patterns will be logical descriptions, and pseudo code in a fictional programming language (maybe I'll use Probe).

The design will consist of pictures, pseudo code blocks, descriptions, and comments. A wiki or github repo with markdown will serve as the best drawing board for this effort.

Any and all participation will be welcome after I construct a rough draft to serve as a skeleton. The design will include fictional fault tolerant persistence as well. I figure if I'm going to fantasize, I might as well do so at the highest level possible with balloon strings down to practical logical constructs. The concepts will be implementable in a variety of host languages, but I'll leave that effort up to folks who are eager to do so.

A design goal is to limit interaction between functional components to strictly defined interfaces. The dream is many loosely coupled simple components which are nearly self documenting.