Victus Spiritus


May the Month of Many Wonders

11 May 2012

I was compelled to chronicle the variety of gifts that accompany this fine month.

First and foremost my parents just shared their 44th wedding anniversary this past week. The influence my folks have had on my life goes far beyond mere existence.

I can remember the day I scratched some Earth with a golden shovel at the ground breaking ceremony of my school districts new high school. I was just a kid, but a few years later I was going full time to a brand new school (no more split sessions). My mom was on the school board and pushed strongly for the project, thanks mom!

My father gave me the courage and freedom to find my own path in life. I'll never find enough moments to soak up his teachings both philosophical and practical. He gave me an essential nudge when lounging in grad school to start my first career. Thanks Pop, I'll always appreciate that!

Which leads me to the second wonder of May, I landed a full time job with a brilliant and energetic startup in Manhattan, Fast Society. I've taken on the role and responsibility as chief of research and development. What it means now is refactoring the illustrious image processing library aptly named Bob Ross, and helping optimize the throughput of our system of servers. Tip of the hat to the warm welcome from the team and sharp architecture design by Mark Armendariz (True Professional). I'll share more about the team, our product and platform over the coming months, likely on an official company blog.

The next wonder of May is my brother Ron's birthday. This week he turns a monolithic 43. His year of understanding all the secrets of the universe is over, and it's time for him to share the spoils of his wisdom. Ron has had a huge impact on opening my mathematical mind to the bizarre, the far out, and the fantastic. Congratulations to Ron on his new housemate this year, his adopted pet cat who's quickly become family.

A week after Ron's birthday comes my own. On May 22nd I'll reach 152 seasons since my arrival. I like to celebrate my birthday for weeks, months, and sometimes years, a habit I picked up from my little brother Benjamin who's mastered that mysterious art. That's right, each time you enjoy your own birthday, you're also celebrating mine. Likewise, each birthday moment of mine, is a celebration of all your birthdays too. Happy birthday to us all!

May's wonders have forever been compounded by my own anniversary to my beloved wife Michelle. We were wed May 30th 2010 (who's sum is the prime number 11 or 1&1 - coincidence ;). Michelle is not just my better, brighter, sharper, and FAR prettier half, she is my guide and compass in times both bright and stormy. Happy anniversary hun, a life shared with you is my most sacred super power :).

Happy May!