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How to Build an Optimal Organization

17 May 2009

Start From the Beginning And Focus on People
Any large organization will consist of a framework that should be dynamic enough to allow for efficient change but stable enough to provide it's members with a sense of direction.  The most important aspect when starting out is to continually be aware that any large organization while designed with a given architecture, is ultimately composed of individuals.  Think of the "business plan" as the coarse direction that your organizations true life blood (people) will flow about.  Be aware as your organization grows different folks with their own selfish interests and independent perspectives will be filling needs.  It's your job to make sure that you invite and accept members that will work in harmony with the current community and are excited about the direction your organization is going.


Follow Mother Nature and Build Complex Systems Fractally
Start with just one or two other people that you can relate to, who're as determined as you (or more so) to build the organization and get them on board.  Empower leaders to replicate what you have done with your first small group iteratively.  As the community grows and others are responsible for managing new and existing members, your group will need to spend some time refreshing their alignment to the collective's current goals at all levels.  Do your best to remain open and available to anyone in your organization, and insure that they feel empowered to make decisions on the group's behalf.  For any job or task, the person doing the task is responsible for representing the organization as a whole.

Or If You Have Unlimited Resources: Entice Your Dream Team to Organize
If I could harness the will, focus, and influence of my favorite bloggers/thought leaders into one organization/corporation, I imagine it would be a creative financial force to be reckoned with.