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Enhanced Vital Energy

27 Sep 2009

This post begins with essential mental focus, and a perceptual shift which can stimulate us to action. I wrap up the concept with common sense practices to maintain healthy body energy. Enhanced vital energy is part of ongoing posts I have written on self energy.

Disclaimer on self help: The best advice is the direction you figure out for yourself. As I've mentioned several times, I try and think of changes or lifestyles that make sense from my personal experience and knowledge. I don't profess to know what's best for you, only you can make that decision. If what I write about clicks with your personal compass, please let me know.


The secret to maintaining a great feeling of energy each day is to focus your attention on service to others. For ourselves we can afford to be slackers and take it easy. When it comes to helping those who truly need us, sluggishness isn't an option. We simply need to recognize the needs of folks that touch our existence, and push beyond our self made excuses to take action. This is no small feat.

The insulation and barriers we build to filter out calls for our attention are buried in selfish distractions. Familiar excuses you may have heard or said:
"I'll give you a hand once I'm done with this"
"I just need more time to myself"
"Can't you do that yourself?"
Recognizing and overcoming these excuses is an important step in the right direction. The energy that flows from purpose is enduring. Nurture that positive source within yourself by reaching out and giving a hand. Selfless acts don't need to be out of the ordinary, and you likely participate in many already on a regular basis.

Core Physical Elements to Personal Energy

  1. Eat right, that means healthy
  2. Exercise regularly. Yup, it's a no brainer.
  3. Sleep so that your body is well rested. This is much easier after having a regular exercise schedule.

We have more than enough information to make informed eating decisions. It takes discipline to regularly consume both healthy portions and fresh, nutrition rich food. I for one have great difficulties with this primary requirement to living an energetic life. The best tasting foods (brownies, and chicken tikka marsala are my favorites) are rich not only in flavor but calories with and extra dose of fat. Endulge in these foods but only seldomly. If you give in to temptation too often:
1) these foods will lose their special deliciousness, and become expected flavors
2) you will put on weight and become sluggish as your metabolism slows down
3) you will dream and even write about these foods ;)

Exercising regularly means incorporating a daily form of physical activity into your life. Forming a habit around exercise is aligning the activity with what you enjoy. If you hate going indoors to an oppressive gym to weightlift, you will be hard pressed to maintain this habit for more than a couple of years (my longest streak was 18 months of 3-4 visits a week before finally quitting a few years ago). Find a physicial activity, or multiple activities that harmonize well with your style. I found simply walking was cathartic for my thoughts and mind, and great for my body. I regularly walk 70-110 miles a week outdoors, weather permitting.

Regular sleep habits, the third physical element to maintaining vibrant personal energy level, is much easier when you eat right and exercise. If you find your body prefers a different cycle, it may require a shift of work and social activities to accomodate. For me, going to bed early and rising early is ideal.

As always I appreciate any and all feedback. Please feel free to share your own self energy secrets as comments.