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How to Embed Google Wave on Your Wordpress Blog

15 Oct 2009

First grab the plugin wavr from Lucas Caro here or simply search for wavr in the plugin search of your blog's administration page. Big thanks to Ian Norris for helping me extract the wave ID from the URL. Translation thanks to Aunt-Rosie bot built by Andrew.

Quick side note: I came across a promising new crowd sourced/filtering site: waverz. Worried about finding relevant and useful public waves? Let waverz gather the filtering results for you.

Then create a public wave:

[wave id="!w+ZZjLgImEV"]

Then get your Wave ID

[wave id="!w+ZZjLgImEY"]

and in your blog post simply type in

I also am embedding my wave reference guide which is likely to grow over the coming weeks:
[wave id="!w+BPfngnK9B"]

Alternate Method Using Javascript

Here's an alternative method to embed a wave into a page from Bartosz Misiak:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="waveframe" style="margin:10px auto;width: 700px; height: 600px"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var wavePanel = new WavePanel(\'\');
var conf = new WavePanel.UIConfig();

Don't sweat it if you don't yet have Google Wave access

For those that don't have access to wave I've added the gist of each of the above waves.
More importantly a the waverz site mentioned earlier has an archived site page: Waverz Archive for access to the best parts of wave without the BIG hit to your bandwidth.

Create a public wave:

first go to your contacts and hit the + key at the bottom

then type in: and hit enter

then drag this user and at least one more to a new wave and whala, you've made a new public wave.

Would like to create more of these quick tip waves, and potentially link them together in a super wave that helps new wave users get moving fast.

here's the guide I'm building: Wave Guide: Waves Greatest Hits

Get your public waves ID:

In the URL at the top of your screen contains your wave-id.

for example:!w%252BZZjLgImEY

the wave-id is:!w+ZZjLgImEY

removing any trailing characters including a trailing .

Here's a working example of using the ID on my blog:

Thanks to Ian Norris for his explanation here: Blog test

Ok, so your URL (in chrome) looks like this:,minimized:contact,dropdown:search,!w%252BIsniw_SoA.3

So from that we take everything after the wave: bit like so:!w%252BIsniw_SoA.3

Then we drop the bit after the dot:!w%252BIsniw_SoA

and change the %252B to a +!w+Isniw_SoA

And use that :)

Early Look at Wave Guide:  Wave's Greatest Hits:

This is a short (curated list) of groovy waves in no particular order (please fee free to add to it, your finds will help me as well)

How Tos:

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How to Embed Google Wave on Your Wordpress Blog

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Web Communities

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Non-Profit Waves

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Project Management Tools

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( …∑ ) Wave Bots:

Robots List Page (tried moving the comment down to the bottom and it vanished :( )

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Miscellaneous Goodies:

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For an iframe alternative you can use the iframe embed plugin:
Deskera's plugin
and point to the url of a public wave (I haven't tested this option yet).