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Wordpress ate my infopornstars

29 Oct 2009

It happened painfully slowly

I was two and half hours into a post titled: Infopornstars, we are what we read when my iPhone Wordpress publishing interface literally consumed the post in it's entirety. In the never to see daylight post, I discussed some ideas to visually share our lifestreams on clothing (would come in handy at conferences or breaking the ice with strangers). Afterwards I discussed some of the nuances of social search, and the small fraction of web browsers who actually find this post (info addicts like myself). Afterall it's an obscure topic, on a blog with very few subscribers (it's cozy, stop mocking me ;)). There were several links and groovy examples, including:

how I bumped into the technical design wizard behind Victus media (Tyler Gillies) while we both edited a Google Wave

How I found out about an Augmented Reality protocol scheme and a group that is building it using Google Wave

Why Robert Scoble (see his posterous post last night) shares info across many communities (like myself) but believes Google reader is dead

Why Louis Gray ( digs greader, and uses it like a champ, like another super human filtering pro Mahendra (

We all share a need to know and understand. The real time stream of web based information provides us with a common linking structure so we can all keep in touch.

All in all it was one of my better posts, and I'm pretty frustrated that wordpress nuked my local iPhone copy and failed to publish it at the same time. Way to create a disgruntled user :(.

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