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Open = Freedom

16 Nov 2009


Thanks to Fred for this Pearl

Fred Wilson's morning post, The Power Of Instant Approval got me thinking about open systems and how invariably they evolve to bypass all restrictions.

In an open design ecosystem we are given the choice to reinforce Apple's (or Google video's) filter. We are free to discover a path that bypasses obstacles/barriers (Dave Winer explains this thought well I can't find the post). Even YouTube isn't satisfactory if you want to share higher quality images (HD is changing that), so folks goto or elsewhere.

Data packets reroute dynamically on the web to find their way to a destination IP.

Information is finding the best route to each of us and blogging has been a big part of that, cutting out the middleman.

Users sharing data invariably choose the easiest and most effective way to share articles, audio and visual information.

The internet is evolving by reducing friction between nodes (our minds). Quality information is being filtered using advanced methods and systems (readers, search, social shares, twitter lists).

Open = Freedom

The freedom for users to discover the best choice for them. Our diversity ensures that there will always be many options.

Thanks to Dave Winer for this heartfelt reminder

In Dave's post,  Let the World Change You, I was reminded of a few of my own thoughts on the topic of letting the world affect us, deeply and meaningfully.

The collaborative us Dave. What a beautiful post.

Here's a quote from my post: Wouldn't it be wonderful if our imaginations could change the world
The conclusion I’ve come to is that we are in fact the canvas, and the world is our artist. Our personalities, our lives, our appearance, and most importantly our life story is the product of our society, our world, of our reality. In cooperation, our world and our inner selves work in unison to manufacture and modify our lives. In effect, we can change the world, by self transformation.

I needed to share the glorious goodies I came across this AM. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.