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What Walmart, Facebook, and Credit Cards Have in Common

15 Jul 2010

If you thought Mark Zuckerberg buying a Walmart with his 5 billion dollar limit credit card to setup a giant trampoline arena for padded sumo suit wars you're close. If you thought hidden costs, you win a pony**.

Walmart, Hail to the King Baby

Walmart the epitome of logistics and cheap manufactured goods is America's favorite department store. But for the lower cost on six packs of under wear

Facebook may appear to be a free site to socialize (or snoop) on your friends and play games but it has it own set of hidden costs.

Credit card companies appear to be the perfect lender. I can leverage a 30 day payment period and get rewards to eek extra value out of any purchase I make.

Still with me? Now the good news

Being aware of these hidden costs means you can spot them in many different areas of your life. They're literally baked into everything we do and use. Here's a quick list of just a few hidden costs I pay throughout a day:

*= A much as I dig Ruby from a solution design perspectives, it's runtimes are dog slow for math compared to c/c++. I've considered Duby by Charles Nutter but dynamic invocation on the JVM may make JRuby my goto language

^= it looks like Mark Pincus & Zynga are building games that don't suck based on development investment

**= Pony's are in limited supply, see Ruby's default value for inventory size