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Why Investing Resources in Web Apps is Good Business

25 Jul 2010

Long before starting a company I firmly believed only field veterans or geniuses were capable of creating compelling products, and the even more impressive feat, breathing life into new markets. After working with and learning the fundamentals of web application development for the past 10 months (still a noob) I recognize vast opportunity in consumer facing and business to business web apps. The intelligent coordination of data gathering with organizing information, and well thought user interfaces has a wide range of real world applications. Shared and organized information has already, and will continue to revolutionize the way we live.

I'm neither a professional web developer, nor remotely a genius. What draws me to this domain is boundless opportunity and an open invitation to all who are willing to explore its beauty. I can learn from, collaborate, and eventually compete with incredibly focused and passionate entrepreneurs and artists. I can't stress enough the importance of artistic design or social engineering in presenting an irresistible human interface to an app. I could spend a lifetime learning the nuances of elegant interface design, but I don't have much time, I'm a founder first.

Habits that Help Lay the Foundation for Apps that Users Love